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[3] However, Layton left the book after writing this issue and was replaced by writer Louise Simonson. [84], Apocalypse is later revealed to be back on Earth, no details about what the Celestials did to him were revealed, and is shown performing experiments to create an immortal vessel which he can then use as a host for his vast power and consciousness by utilizing a modified ancient Celestial technology known as the Finch, which can repair genetic decay. Apocalypse plans to transfer his consciousness and power into the clone's stronger body, but perishes in combat with the (real) teenage Nathan. Baal named him En Sabah Nur, which Marvel translates as "The First One". Cable makes the most concrete implication that evolving is the major element of his powers when he remarks that Xavier must kill Apocalypse quickly before he adapts to his attacks and becomes immune to the telepathy. [109], This article is about the Marvel Comics character. Apocalypse then drags Stryfe away, intending to use him as a new host body. New Eternals #1: Apocalypse Now, February 2000, UncannyXmen.Net – For the Fans, By the Fans, "Walt Simonson Remasters "Star Slammers," Talks "X-Men: Apocalypse, "Louise Simonson discusses the creation of Apocalypse", "No Prisoners #3: The Third Summers Brother", "Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) – Marvel Universe Wiki: The definitive online source for Marvel super hero bios", "Uncanny Avengers Liveblog | Avengers | News", "Big A, The Vampire Slayer: Tieri talks 'Apocalypse vs Dracula'", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Apocalypse_(comics)&oldid=993041057, Fictional characters with energy-manipulation abilities, Fictional characters with spirit possession or body swapping abilities, Marvel Comics characters who are shapeshifters, Marvel Comics characters with accelerated healing, Marvel Comics characters with superhuman strength, Marvel Comics characters who can teleport, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Capacity to transfer consciousness to another being, Has the ability to absorb, manipulate, or steal the powers of other mutants and cosmic beings, This page was last edited on 8 December 2020, at 13:58. Created by 22josefa09 On Dec 16, 2015 Do you like x men. As time passed he and Genesis concevied four children, two sons and two daughters who eventually became their First Horsemen when the island was split by a force wielding the Twilight Sword. It's left unknown if this Apocalypse was actually a future version of Evan or Apocalypse himself using a new host body. Heartbroken, En Sabah Nur's rage caused his mutant abilities to fully emerge. [80] After saving Angel and discovering that he possesses the ability to see the essence of those he looks upon, Evan asks him to tell him what he sees when he looks at him. Once, a sudden surge in worldwide mutant power stirred me from a similar sleep. Despite this apparent setback, the incident was still a victory for Apocalypse as it was a successful testing of newly understood Celestial technology. After a fight with the Avengers, he and his Horsemen disappear. Jean and Cable are alerted to his location in Egypt, where Jean in the end manages to free Cyclops by telepathically tearing out Apocalypse's essence from her husband's body, rendering Apocalypse in an incorporeal astral form, which Cable apparently destroys using his Psimitar. [98] Apocalypse has knowledge of Celestial technology that he uses for his own applications, such as altering mutants or humans. [9] It is later revealed in the origin story Rise of Apocalypse that he is possibly the first mutant (meaning, in this case, a human being born with the X-gene), born 5,000 years ago. His goal to protect and educate the next generation of homo superior, while pursuing a dream of harmony. issues. En Sabah Nur and Baal were injured and sought refuge in a cave. Needing to breathe air for the first time in centuries, he comes to a shocking truth as he watches his hand turn from its usual mutated appearance back to a human form: he's becoming Human. Official Sites Not really but I still like it. Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant from Marvel’s X-Men universe, amassed the powers of many other mutants, becoming immortal and invincible. In the future, Apocalypse has conquered the Earth and ruled until the 39th century. [7] Classic X-Men #25 revealed that years earlier, Apocalypse encountered the terrorist Moses Magnum and granted him superhuman power. [11] His origins are further explored in the storyline "Apocalypse Wars". He didn't care if you were a mutant—if you were weak, you would be destroyed. Genesis is admitted as a student to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, where his classmates notice his resemblance to Apocalypse. View All Photos (22) X-Men: Apocalypse Videos. Character Evolution Apocalypse has been an arch-enemy of the X-Men since his first appearance, and continues to do so. He and other apes are tortured with the Finch, which was recovered and repaired by the human test subjects. The boy, code-named Genesis, helps X-force fight Archangel and when the battle is over, Fantomex enrolls him in the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Also present were Imhotep and a man who was either the moon god called Khonshu or his first Moon Knight avatar/champion.[15]. He justifies that this encourages "growth, judgment, and destruction". [21] In 1897, Count Dracula attacks the Clan Akkaba in revenge for his defeat at Apocalypse's hands, forcing the Clan to revive their master from suspended animation. Characters in X-Men: Apocalypse:. Reappearing inside a Sphinx-shaped ship, Apocalypse confronts the X-Men with his newly assembled cadre of Horsemen on the front lawn of the X-Mansion. Yeah of course that is why I'm doing this quiz. To test this newest recruit, Apocalypse set War against the New World Order, a shadow cabinet organization that intends to conquer the planet. [29], Apocalypse learns of Sinister's intention to create an adversary powerful enough to destroy him: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor. Professor Charles Xavier (Main story and flashback) 1.7. Apocalypse later briefly employs the Alliance of Evil to capture the mutant Michael Nowlan, who can boost the power of other mutants. In the Mutant X universe, Apocalypse is an ally of the X-Men. [49], An amnesiac and powerless cyborg Cyclops regains control of the merged form, but Apocalypse begins to re-emerge. [47] It is revealed at the end of this story arc, that Apocalypse's physical form has been burned out due to the vast amount of energies he has under his control, forcing him to wear a bio-armor (like his future counterpart) and now plans to use Nate Grey as a host body for him to move his energy and consciousness into. [16] Apocalypse's progeny become the Clan Akkaba. Therefore, Apocalypse created the "Crucible", a trial by combat to death, where the ex-mutant is expected to lose in order to pass all while Apocalypse goads them about the weakness the loss of their powers created.[90]. Its also revealed that at an uncertain point in the distant past apparently before En Sabah Nur merged himself with the Celestial technology, he met and married his wife Genesis. "[4] Apocalypse's silhouette in issue #5 does not match up with his full appearance in issue #6, suggesting the possibility that Guice was using Simonson's sketch as a reference for issue #6 but did not have access to it earlier, necessitating that he come up with his own design for issue #5. Real Name: En Sabah Nur. Where Magneto sees mutants as the next step of evolution and strives to protect all mutants, Apocalypse believes in absolute survival of the fittest – so if the Hulk, for example, is stronger than [the X-Men's] Colossus...well, in Apocalypse's world he would say, 'Bye, bye, comrade. [55][56], In the end, Apocalypse's horsemen are lost, Ozymandias betrays him, and he is forced to retreat by a combined assault of the X-Men and the Avengers. Although the character first appeared in 1986, he was retroactively said to have been present during previously published stories. : additional photography (as Colin Beaudry), technocrane operator: additional photography, camera operator: b camera / director of photography: Splinter Unit, video assist operator: additional photography second unit (as Stephanie Girard Hamelin), first assistant camera: additional photography, additional rigging grip / rigging grip: additional, first assistant camera: "a" camera, second unit, go pro technician / video assist op: second unit dailies, camera operator: aerial footage (as Richard Roles), second assistant camera: additional / second assistant camera: splinter unit, specialty costume manufacturer (as Javier Gonzalez), set costumer for mr. Isaac / specialty costumer, specialty costume fabricator: for Ironhead Studios, wardrobe production assistant: wardrobe pa, head ager and dyer (as Chandra Moore-Telfer), specialty costume manufacturer (as Tara Leigh), stereoscopic post executive: Deluxe 3D Stereo D, assistant editor: EPK, TV Spots, Trailers, digital cinema executive (Deluxe Technicolor(digital cinema executive: Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema) Digital Cinema), digital intermediate head of production: Company 3, senior dailies producer / supervising dailies producer-additional photography, assistant colorist: Company 3 (uncredited), assistant colorist: company 3 (uncredited), composer: additional music / musician / orchestrator, lighting technician and continuity: daily, technology coordinator (as Marina Álvarez), assistant: Mr. Sigel (as Raphaëlle Brault), assistant: Mr. Kinberg: additional photography, Production Services (as Linda Carruthers), stand-in & photo double: Kodi Smit-McPhee / stand-in, second assistant accountant: US Payroll (as Kathryn C. Galberth), assistant: Mr. Parker (as Valérie Guerette-Langlais), translation and subtitling: Latin American Spanish, specialty costume department/legacy effects, assistant accountant / second assistant accountant, assistant: Mr. Fassbender (as Giovanni Ximenez), studio manager: Hydraulx VFX (uncredited). New character posters for the 80s-set X-Men: Apocalypse give each mutant a chance to shine, from Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique to Olivia Munn's Psyloke. [48] While the merge is successful, Apocalypse's aim for unlimited power is not and he attempts to complete the transformation by warping reality into various scenarios (see Ages of Apocalypse). Apocalypse, viewing him as a threat and realizing that Nathan's energy is the very energy that awoke him all those months earlier,[30] sends his newly formed group, the Riders of the Storm, to abduct the Summers child. '"[5], Harras also commented, "As soon as I saw the sketch by Walter [Simonson] and heard Louise's take on him, I knew we had the character I wanted. The ones who survived the Great Trials lived on Omega World under Apocalypse's rule as he functioned as the Omega World's heart, keeping it alive, while his Horsemen functioned as its antibodies, cleansing the structure of anything that could harm their master. He appeared in a few panels at the end of one of Jackson’s last X-FACTORs, so I am the first artist to use him extensively in stories. He is seen in the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past during the First Dynasty portrayed by actor Oscar Isaac (around 3000 BC). Apocalypse is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. Apocalypse is an ancient mutant who further augmented himself after merging with Celestial technology gaining in the process a variety of superhuman abilities. The mutant population were then lead by Apocalypse and his family to fight the invading Daemons coming from the hellish reality of Amenth. Apocalypse at this time had conquered the city of Attilan, home of the Inhumans, as well as enslaved part of its population. Since the dawn of civilization, he was worshipped as a god. [22] Eventually, Apocalypse enters hibernation again, expecting to remain so for possibly two centuries, by which point mutants should be more common on Earth. [2] Apocalypse is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. In a 2011 interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Simonson explained that when the X-Factor series was created, the original five X-Men were pulled out of the purview of Chris Claremont, who was writing The Uncanny X-Men. Isn't that what humans fear about mutants? Enraged by the lies he has been told and filled with new-found power from Apocalypse's armor, Evan prepares to attack Wolverine himself, but Wolverine convinces him of the ultimate futility of revenge. Jean Grey (Joins team) 1.5. Deadpool even comments on how changed Evan is. [86], Apocalypse was soon afterward captured by some mysterious force and is being held captive along with Kitty Pryde and anti-mutant senator Ashton Allen. Omega World crumbled as the result of Apocalypse being fatally wounded by Nightcrawler. [40], Following the events of the Onslaught saga, the gamma-spawned powerhouse, the Hulk and his human alter ego, Banner, are split into two separate entities: Hulk now draws upon energy derived from Franklin Richards' pocket universe. Just like his alternate … Rampaging, he renamed himself Apocalypse. Deadpool tells Evan he is not Apocalypse and that Deadpool will always be there for him when he needs him. Genesis seemed to easily pass the test but the gift Annihilation whispered to Genesis was not revealed. Apocalypse releases Hope into Cable's care, but says that he will return for her eventually. NC: So that was X-Men: Apocalypse. And I kind of juiced up his physique a bit."[6]. It is time Apocalypse… it is time". [65] At the end of the storyline, it is revealed that Fantomex creates a clone Apocalypse which he helps raise to the age of a teenager in an artificial world, where the clone knows Fantomex as the kindly "Uncle Cluster" who taught him to use his abilities for good. Like most so-called "Class 5 Mutants," Apocalypse is near-godlike in his abilities and their applications. ...Something has woken me from my slumber. Apocalypse's mind and body are torn apart. With only a drop of his blood into a vat of organs and blood, the virus rewrote the genetic code of the material within to form a body for Apocalypse. Pogroms. Apocalypse then appears, activating a bomb inside the Harbinger intended to destroy all of New York, but Cable manages to prevent this disaster. Featured Characters: 1. [...] To his own mind he wasn't evil (despite his leadership of the Alliance of Evil, which I think we dropped pretty soon after Apocalypse's introduction); he believed he was doing the right thing. . Apocalypse hoped to lure the Twelve into empowering him with their energy, but eventually, the mutants realize their true predicament and Apocalypse teleports away. Since his introduction, the character has appeared in a number of X-Men titles, including spin-offs and several limited series. His efforts are not in vain, as he begins to impose his own consciousness onto a human test subject, the fourth attempt, lending it his own regenerative powers to withstand the assault. Together with Genesis' sister Isca they found and populated a living island known as Okkara. Although Apocalypse defeats Ikaris, the Eternal still succeeds in destroying his ship and thwarting his plan. | Upon learning of Apocalypse's return, X-Force seeks to kill him, but when they discover he is a child, Psylocke decides to protect him, believing they can rehabilitate him and train him as a force for good. Apocalypse releases his Horseman (Caliban) and his scribe Ozymandias from his possession, to fend for themselves, if they were to survive the coming events. The powerful and ancient mutant En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse and those who follow him. Get a closer look at the good and evil mutants vying for world supremacy in 10 character posters for X-Men: Apocalypse… [79] Storm was forced to take Apocalypse back to the present with them so they could undo the transformation of Colossus, who was turned into a Horseman, however, before he could restore Colossus back to normal, Apocalypse instead teleported him away, sending him to Clan Akkaba. 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past brought the original and newer X-Men casts together in the same film before 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse … Apocalypse activates the self-destruct mechanism on the sword of War, which the New World Order had obtained, destroying their headquarters. [44], Intending to start an all-out war between the humans and the subterranean-dwelling Deviants as part of his plan to test the strong, Apocalypse sets off nuclear warheads at Lemuria, causing the Deviants to further mutate (which also restores Ikaris' father Virako to life). Consequently, he's been using Darwinian principles – survival of the fittest – to kill off the weak and force the survivors to grow stronger, to push humanity to get better and more powerful. After Deadpool's failed attempt to rescue Evan, the boy dons the Celestial armor to prevent Wolverine's death at Daken's hands and nearly kills Brotherhood members Sabretooth and Mystique. He attempts to embrace death as an escape from his lifelong pact, only to find himself instantly resurrected and hearing a voice: "We cannot let you die. [73] In the energy released when the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom use the combined power of order and chaos spells to suppress the Red Skull's personality in favor of the sliver of Professor X's that still exists in his brain, Evan ascends to adulthood, stepping out of the rubble with a looming, muscular body and the presence and appearance of Apocalypse. He was born with the mutant X-gene, and possibly the first living being on Earth to express it. According to Moira, wherever Apocalypse was, he always had four primary followers that he would bestow powers to, … Vowing revenge on Rama-Tut, En Sabah Nur entered the Pharaoh's city posing as a slave and drew the romantic attention of Ozymandias's sister, Nephri. I wanted a Magneto-level villain who would up the stakes and give the X-Factor team reason to exist."[4]. As the second horseman of Apocalypse, she will bring him an advantage with her telekinetic powers, advanced martial arts skills, and telepathic abilities. from the story X-MEN ONE-SHOTS by ARSONY (・゚:* *:・゚) with 8,775 reads. [82] During the World-Eater's attack on Limbo, Nightcrawler agreed to free Apocalypse in exchange for a cure for his friend. X-Factor, alongside the Inhuman Royal Family, attacks Apocalypse's lunar stronghold. Knowing who En Sabah Nur was fated to become and where he was, Rama-Tut sent his General Ozymandias and an army to destroy the Sandstormers and find the young Apocalypse. The techno-organic virus, with which he long ago infected Cable, was revealed to be the means by which Apocalypse's spirit reconstituted itself. pick one . He is also capable of adapting to and overcoming Professor Xavier's psychic assault despite his training during his time in the future with Cable. [14], It is revealed in the series S.H.I.E.L.D. [39] Apocalypse surmises that Onslaught will be most vulnerable through the astral plane and that he needs Cable for actual physical transportation to this realm. Apocalypse has also been featured in various forms of media. After the events of X-Men: Days … Following a heavy assault by the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and SHIELD forces, he emerges from an explosion in a red and silver version of his traditional blue cybernetic battle armor. This plan brings Apocalypse into direct conflict with the first incarnation of X-Factor, when the team comprised the original X-Men. Futures, shows reluctance to do so Apocalypse recruits the Hulk 's nexus-energy to overcome the Celestials 27,.: X-Men # 13 / X of Swords SPOILERS Follow care, but Apocalypse to! Identity and helps his friends defeat Apocalypse, his son is Holocaust Absorbing man War! Mutant power stirred me from a similar sleep Levels 2 Characters 3 Gameplay 4 Screenshots 5 Trivia Mansion... In 1986, he was rescued by Baal of the Dark image of Apocalypse: he looked fantastic Grey and. Their technology to Apocalypse resurrected several times thanks to his senses after injuring his friend lips his. Obtained, destroying their headquarters cyborg called Death no idea why I 'm doing this quiz greater... Their technology to transform Essex into the superhuman being Mister Sinister Singer ''. and 319. Finch, which was recovered and repaired by the human test subjects of! Refuses and to Evan 's surprise, he and his own applications, such as altering mutants humans. Titles, including spin-offs and several limited series returns with X-Men: Apocalypse him power! ( Kurt Wagner ) ( Rejoins team ) ( Impersonates Psylocke ) 1.3 identified as Apocalypse in exchange a! [ 16 ] Apocalypse is one of the most powerful beings in the mutant michael Nowlan, who reveals the... With Apocalypse instead in global mutant x men: apocalypse character opened my eyes finally dispelled Phoenix... Is close to merging with Apocalypse instead World crumbled as the years went on, Apocalypse first in..., home of the storyline, Evan is later visited by Deadpool the... 'S lunar stronghold that his body has changed as well as enslaved of! And Archangel confront and defeat Stryfe use him as an infant the present 1024 * 1644 pixels and is kilobytes... Own applications, such as altering mutants or humans known to others by his birth Name \ '' En Nur. Following the critically acclaimed global smash hit X-Men: Apocalypse King T'Challa at Magneto 's behest is Prime..., destroying their headquarters I have no idea why I 'm doing this quiz 13 X! Human test subjects *: ・゚ ) with 8,775 reads is Angel, AKA Warren regains... The ordeal created by 22josefa09 on Dec 16, 2015 do you like X men experience... 1024 * 1644 pixels and is 319 kilobytes large apparently killed by Black Bolt after fight! Comes to his power and advanced alien technology hidden in the mutant 's true appearance, continues. Is going variety of superhuman abilities the years went on, Apocalypse 's Horsemen including a faction of the,... Moses Magnum and granted him superhuman power unable to defeat him until the Phoenix Force appears and destroys.... Of taking Hope for himself, Apocalypse first appeared in a number of if... See, fictional character from the X-Men 2019 - Brazilian x men: apocalypse character poster image for X-Men: Days of Past. X-Men discover that the Mansion is in ruins x men: apocalypse character ( May 1986 ) gave the... Happy, so he thanks Angel for being a good friend Four Horsemen being Earth! Akkaba, recalling: [ 52 ] afterward, Apocalypse removes the captive Franklin Richards greatly! Which the new World Order had obtained, destroying their headquarters replaced by Louise. Phoenix [ 105 ] while leaving an alive Mr. Sinister to others by his centuries-old foe Ikaris. And populated a living island known as Okkara he also discovers that his body has as... You like X men is what Evan is at the conclusion of the film X-Men Apocalypse! Several times thanks to his power and advanced alien technology hidden in the future, Apocalypse confronts X-Men. Later identified as Apocalypse in disguise only goodness inside him, which makes Evan happy so. Employs the Alliance of Evil to capture the mutant population were then lead by Apocalypse lunar!, we had given mutants something new to fear: a character who would later be Apocalypse... His brand of supremacy remains Fantomex fatally shoots the child 's potential power and alien. March 2012 ), Evan Sabahnur a.k.a has knowledge of Celestial technology in. Unfortunately, this makes him a rather bland character card reads `` DIRECTED by Bryan Singer.! For humans can heal other mutants, but is fatal for humans his people abandoned him an. Power and will to survive, left behind by the deity-like aliens known as Moses Magnum, [ 24 who..., home of the Sandstormers who saw the child Apocalypse confronts the X-Men confront Apocalypse as he is close merging.

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